If I file bankruptcy how will it affect my reputation?

Despite the hype, filing a bankruptcy may not ruin a consumer’s reputation.  As a result of the down turn in the economy, filing bankruptcy has become a common event.  The primary reasons that cause people to file for bankruptcy protection are medical bills, loss of a job, divorce and, most recently, situations related to the mortgage and housing crisis. With more and more people filing bankruptcy, it has become a common event. Unless the person filing bankruptcy is a celebrity or is in some other way well known to the public, it is unlikely that anyone is going to learn about a bankruptcy filing unless the consumer tells someone that he or she filed for bankruptcy. While it is a major, and usually positive, life event it is not so remarkable that others are likely to pay any attention to it even if they were learn of the filing. The reason filing bankruptcy is a positive event is that it allows a person get his or her financial situation under control and make a fresh start.  Further, while a bankruptcy filing is a public record, very few people are likely to go through the trouble of searching through the public records to find out who has filed bankruptcy.

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