Feeling helpless to end creditor harassment?

Often debtors express feelings of helplessness about what they consider to be harassment by creditors. Debtors should not automatically assume that they have no legal rights and that a creditor can do anything he or she wants to do. Creditor’s do have legal limits put on them that may be helpful in some circumstances to a debtor. A debtor who feels hounded by a harassing creditor can seek out legal help from an experienced Minnesota debt relief attorney. Each individual debtor situation must be evaluated on its own merits. A Minnesota lawyer may help evaluate a debtor’s situation to see if there are any state and/or federal laws that may apply to provide relief from acts by a creditor. Among the consumer rights laws that may apply under certain circumstances is a federal law called the “Fair Debt Collection Practices Act” that provides important protection to consumers. If a debtor is experiencing severe financial difficulties he or she may also consider debt relief through filing bankruptcy. Debtor’s who are interested in pursuing debt relief through bankruptcy should meet with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer who can provide legal assistance to them in evaluating their eligibility for declaring bankruptcy.

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