Financial Problems Related To Litigation

There are many drains on a business’s finances that can lead to bankruptcy. One of these drains are expensive litigation involving employees. A business should avoid problems with employees for a number of reasons besides just trying to save on the expense of litigation. Disputes with employees can seriously hurt employee morale and lead to low productivity. The following are a few suggestions on minimizing conflict at the workplace.

Follow fair employment practices that are consistently applied to workers. Make sure that the employment practices meet all legal requirements. Keep appraised of your legal responsibilities and obligations. Regular and timely consultation with a licensed lawyer is very useful. The lawyer can provide important advice on employers legal rights and obligations. If there is an employee handbook it is important that that everything in it is consistent with prevailing law and is updated as needed. An employee handbook or other employment rules should be well distributed. It is important that employees have fair, adequate and timely notice of all rules they are expected to follow.

Make sure that the workplace promotes equality of treatment of employees. Employer should ensure that business is free from discriminatory conduct. All team leaders, supervisors, managers or officers dealing with employees should be properly trained on correct approaches in dealing with workers. The training should emphasize making sure that they understand that employees must be treated in a nondiscriminatory manner.

If a business makes a promise to worker it should be kept. It is important for a business to understand that the broken promises by it can lead to costly civil litigation.

In dealing with employees it is important to keep proper documentation of their activities and progress on the job. If there are difficulties with an employee they should be well documented. In situations where an employee does something wrong that person should be promptly and fairly appraised of the difficulty with what has taken place. The incident of improper conduct, witnesses to it, evidence of it and what was said to an employee about it should be very well documented. Providing written notice of a problem with an employee’s conduct should be provided to him or her in a timely manner. Proof of such notice is an important type of documentation.

Employers should be very careful in making sure that they have proper documentation of improper conduct by an employee and have provided fair notice to an employee of such inappropriate behavior to the employee before rushing into a termination of the employees conduct. Rushing into firing employees without adequate proof of improper conduct, documentation and notice can lead to costly litigation.

Terminating a worker is a serious step that should be well thought out before embarking on it. Prior to firing a worker it is a sound idea to contact a law firm to set up a consultation with an employment attorney to make sure that all proper legal steps are taken by the business.

This article does not give legal advice and is not intended to give legal advice. The reading of it does not establish an attorney-client relationship and does not substitute for consulting with a licensed lawyer.

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