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Can My Boss Fire Me For No Reason?

Saturday, December 24th, 2011

A common question that employees raise is can their employer fire them under a particular set of circumstances? To answer a question like this it takes knowing all the facts, what contracts may be in effect and the applicable law for a particular jurisdiction. Each state has its own employment laws. In general the belief that an employer can fire a person anytime with or without reason tends to be in inaccurate. The right to fire an employee may generally be weakened by a number of factors such as if there is a contract in effect, if the firing is based on retaliation for reporting a suspected violation of law or based upon illegal discrimination. An employee should not take for granted that his employer can do anything he, she or it wants to do, but rather consult with a licensed lawyer. An experienced employment lawyer may be able to provide helpful information to a person who is concerned with being fired or already has been fired. The termination of an employee may be based on a hidden agenda of the employers. Some employers retaliate against employees by not only terminating their employment but falsely accusing the employee of bad conduct as not only a basis for the termination, but to hurt the employee’s credibility and future career. Employers also sometimes find that their business may be experiencing financial pressures and figure that firing an employee will save the cost of paying wages and benefits. Older workers who have established higher salaries and benefits may be especially vulnerable to this type of termination of employment. Employees who may be classified by the employer as having a minority status may also be a target for losing their job by being wrongfully fired. Instead of admitting the need to cut down staff and run the risk of either a breach of contract or discrimination claim by an employee, the employer creates a false accusation against the employee as a pre-textual basis for the termination of that employee’s job. An employee who faces what appears to be an unreasonable firing should take immediate steps to have his or her situation investigated and evaluated to determine his or her legal rights. Time is of the essence in dealing with legal matters so an employee should not hesitate to consult with a lawyer where there are potential legal problems at the workplace including being fired. An aggrieved employee should contact a law firm who handles employment matters and set up an appointment to meet an employment attorney to discuss the situation and get answers to troubling legal questions. If an employee is experiencing severe financial difficulties it is a sound idea to make an appointment to consult with a licensed lawyer who is experienced in handling debt relief. Some law firms have attorneys who handle both employment legal matters and provide bankruptcy services. In meeting with a bankruptcy attorney a debtor can learn what laws may be available to help deal with financial pressures. At a meeting with a bankruptcy attorney there can be a discussion and evaluation of the potential for qualifying for bankruptcy.

This article does not give legal advice and is not intended to do so. The reading of this article does not establish an attorney-client relationship or substitute for consulting with a licensed lawyer.

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