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Failing To Recognize The Importance Of Employees

Sunday, December 25th, 2011

Many business leaders have fallen into the trap of looking at employees as liabilities rather than assets. This viewpoint neglects what builds and sustains a business namely its employees while sowing the seeds for future problems such as labor unrest, employment claims, lower productivity and even the risk of bankruptcy. A myriad of legal problems are brought about by management neglecting to understand that its employees are a tremendous asset that can build good will and resulting profits. Neglecting to understand their importance starts a business on the slippery slope to deep problems. Often civil litigation against a business is based upon a failure to nurture and build its employees strengths and by proper training, supervision and encouragement of good habits and positive feedback. When employees feel neglected and/or unfairly treated it is difficult for them to be productive. Similarly when they are not properly trained or demoralized by discrimination, harassment or retaliation it is hard to avoid a weakening of performance by them which can lead to problems for a business. Instead of recognizing the importance of employees some businesses wrongly view workers as liabilities that can be cut by terminating jobs. In some cases employees who have reported suspected violations of law at the workplace have been punished. An employer who fails to correct reported problems but instead attacks the reporting worker only worsens the existing difficulty. Some employers have created a hidden agenda of not only wrongfully terminating employees who are whistleblowers but falsely accused them of bad conduct as not only a basis for the termination, but to hurt the employee’s credibility and future career. Another harmful practice of some employers is not to recognize the importance of having experienced workers. Instead these employers view older workers as a great liability based upon the fallacious thinking that Older workers have established higher salaries and benefits that if cut will make the business more profitable. Losing experienced workers not only cuts down on productivity but creates other problems as well. Minority employees can sometimes be the target for a business who fails to recognize the importance of workers. Employees who may be classified by the employer as having a minority status may also be vulnerable for wrongful discharge of employment. Rather than admit that it is necessary to cut employees and run the risk of either a breach of contract or discrimination claim by an employee, the employer creates a false accusation against the employee as a pre-textual basis for the termination of that employee’s job. A positive work environment that aims to build a strong and happy work force is an excellent safeguard to protect a business from a number of different potential financial and legal problems. When a business is experiencing legal related problems it is a sound idea to contact a law firm that provides legal service for the type of difficulty involved in the situation. An appointment should be set up to meet with a licensed lawyer who can advise on applicable legal rights and responsibilities. Fair business practices and being law abiding are important to the success of any business.

This article does not give legal advice and is not intended to give legal advice. The reading of this article does not establish an attorney-client relationship or substitute for consulting with a licensed lawyer.

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